Seminarium prof. Bischoffa

14.03.2018 w sali 411 B-1  o 13.15 Prof. Dr. Ivo Bischoff z  Universytetu w Kassel, Department of Economics & Management wygłosi referat pt. “The emergence of inter-local business parks – evidence from Germany”.

An increasing number of municipalities cooperates to foster local economic development. A popular measure are jointly developed, inter-local business parks. Cooperation in an environment that is traditionally regarded as highly competitive appears to be unusual. We employ a unique data set and use a hazard model to identify the factors that drive the emergence of inter-local business parks in Germany between 2000 and 2015. Our focus rests on the role of tax competition. Are inter-local business parks more likely in regions where tax competition is more severe? The results support this notion. We also find other factors like land scarcity and municipal size to be more decisive.